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The Focus Academy was founded by Mark Tigchelaar and Oscar de Bos, authors of the bestseller Focus ON/OFF. Their mission: to let people discover the positive effects of more focus. By now, more than 100,000 people worldwide have attended Focus Academy trainings and the team consists of some 20 Focus experts.

Focus is a skill

In our trainings and inspiration sessions, you will discover how the brain handles attention and concentration and what routines you can employ to make the most of them. Focus Management has a positive effect on your productivity, stress and (work) happiness.

Our approach

We translate science into practice. We convert insight and understanding of the brain into practical tools and work step-by-step towards teaching you positive behavioral change. To increase the long-term effect of our Focus Management training courses, we offer participants an optional personal and free coaching program.

Quality and result guarantee

To ensure the high quality of our trainings, we attach great value to feedback. Therefore, we have our training courses continuously evaluated. In 2023 we obtained the NRTO quality mark: an independent recognition for quality and professionalism in the private training market. Focus Academy guarantees the result and you can take a refresher course with us free of charge at any time.

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