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What starting level do the trainings have? (In other words, what prior training, if any, is required)?

No specific level of education or work experience is required beforehand.

What is the level of Focus Academy's trainings?

All Focus Academy trainings are accessible to everyone. However, it is important that you have a good command of the language in which the training is given.

Study load:

How much study load (preparation) do you have prior to the training?

None of the training courses require study load or preparation in advance. Our trainer will take you from A to Z to achieve your goals for the training.


What qualifications can be obtained from the trainings?

A certificate is possible on request (and is compulsory for participants through STAP budget) A certificate for PE points is also possible.


How do I register for a training course?

Through our site ( you can register for our training courses with open registration. Our site directs you to Ticket Tailor.

Do I always get a confirmation of my registration?

You will always receive a confirmation from Ticket Tailor and an email from Focus Academy with all the information about the training you have registered for.

On-site trainings:

What should I bring with me to the on-site training?

For the Focus Management and Inbox to Zero on-site training, you do not need to bring anything. For the Fast Reading for Professionals training, it is useful if you bring your own (professional) literature to practice the method on.

Where are the open on-site training sessions held?

The open on-site training courses usually take place at BCN Amsterdam or BCN Utrecht CS. The location of in-company training is determined by the client.

Online training courses:

What do I need for an online training course?

For all online training courses you need good working wifi. Obviously a laptop/computer. Furthermore, it is important to choose a quiet place where you can follow the training.

Which programme does Focus Academy use for the online training?

The online training is provided by Focus Academy. You will receive the link for the training by email about a week before the training takes place.

Can I follow the training on another day if the connection and/or Teams does not work or has failed?

You may always retake the online training if it failed with Teams.

When will I receive the training material for the training?

In the confirmation, which you receive after your registration, there is a link to enter your address. The material will be sent to the specified address (office or private), you will receive an e-mail from our shipping company Pack & Parcel with the track&trace code.