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Focus ON/OFF (80.000+ sold)

Using new scientific research and real-life examples, Mark Tigchelaar and Oscar de Bos show how we can regain a grip on our focus. The effect is that we become more resilient to stress, more productive and more present in the here and now. Peace, overview and control.

Focus AAN/UIT (Dutch)Focus ON/OFF (English)

Focus Bites (10.000+ sold)

Following their book Focus AAN/UIT, Mark Tigchelaar and Oscar de Bos cover a collection of life hacks in Focus Bites: what works and what doesn't work to keep your focus? In bite-sized chapters they always manage to translate a scientific study into practice where the answers to some questions will still surprise you.

Focus Bites (Dutch)

Lezen, Weten en Niet vergeten

In this book, Mark Tigchelaar takes you through eight brain principles to help your brain function better. For example, in the book you will discover how to absorb information faster, stop getting distracted and remember information longer.

Lezen, Weten en Niet vergeten (Dutch)

Haal meer uit je hersenen

This is the first book Mark Tigchelaar wrote on how the brain works. It covers the basics of speed reading, mind maps and memory techniques.

Haal meer uit je hersenen (Dutch)