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Maximize Your Productivity in a Distracted World

The rise in stimuli in recent years has led to a significant increase in interruptions in our daily activities. These interruptions, in turn, reduce our productivity and hinder our ability to complete complex tasks, leading to feelings of overwhelm and increased stress levels.

The Focus Management training course offers a solution. You will learn how the brain handles distractions, identify personal concentration weaknesses, and develop techniques to improve focus.

Under the guidance of experienced and passionate trainers, you will create a customized action plan with new habits to achieve greater focus and reduced stress.

The program

Duration: One-day training course
Language: Dutch or English
Location: Amsterdam, Utrecht or online
Number of Participants: Maximum of 12

In the first block, we focus on focus and flow. What is focus and how to enter the flow? You will learn how distractions work in the brain, familiarize yourself with the four concentration leaks, and the Focus Model.

In the second block, we examine how to increase your own resilience, to ensure that you get distracted less often.

In the third block, we delve into the impact of internal and external stimuli, such as mobile phones, email, apps, and colleagues. You will discover how to work focused in an open office or at home, and what balance exists between productivity and availability.

In the fourth block, we integrate everything and you will be introduced to the Tiny Habits model for behavior change. You will conclude the training with a complete, personal Focus Plan.

After the training, we offer optional coaching. By asking targeted questions via email, we will optimize the Focus Plan together. We will end the coaching process with a video call to complete the personal feedback.

After completing the training course:


Good useful tips and tricks, given in a good structure by a trainer who brings theory and practice well and with humor. With a good booklet in a handy box.

- Gertjan Schram

Well-constructed training with a fine structure, useful tips and plenty of opportunity to ask your own questions. Handy also that you can get coaching afterwards, built into the program. Super good training with a great trainer. Highly recommended.

- Krista Overwater

Great to listen to. Gives good tips on how to focus better, also shares personal habits, briefly explains how your brain works and makes it a fun training with lots of interaction and enough breaks. The time flew by!

- Jacqueline van Vulpen

What an incredibly nice training this was! You become enormously aware of your own ineffective behavior and it teaches you how to deal with distractions. The great thing is that you can immediately apply the tips in your own work. Inspiring and enthusiastic trainer!

- Mirjam van den Berg

The training provided many tips and tricks as well as insight into how distractions work and what you can do to reduce or eliminate these stimuli. It is always nice to have tools to go on. Mirjam is also an excellent and open trainer, who is open for interaction and yet goes through the program in a structured way.

- Rob van den Bergh

A very valuable training, can definitely use it. The trainer gave useful tips and stimulated to work on it myself. This course gave me a much better understanding of how to apply and maintain focus. Very important in this hectic world. Well done!

- Vincent Brouwer

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where we proudly score an average of 9.1/10!

Tickets & Data

We organize several Focus Management training courses online via MS Teams and on location in Amsterdam or Utrecht every month.

You can enroll in the training courses using your de Leerrekening budget.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Search and book under "Focus Management".
  3. Choose a date and enroll.
Amounts are in euro, including 21% VAT.
All our trainings are subject to our general terms and conditions.

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