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What we do
What we do

What we do

In recent years, the number of stimuli coming at us has increased fivefold. The effect of this is that we are increasingly interrupted in what we are doing. As a result, we get less done, experience more stress, and the quality of our work decreases.

Therefore, in the next decade one of the biggest challenges is the fight over our attention.

Focus Academy is helping participants to become more resilient in this challenge by providing practical training courses.

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Training courses

Training courses

The in-company options consist of short inspirational sessions, the primary Focus Management training course, and follow-up training courses.

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Open-enrollment training courses are available through the calendar below and also on Springest, StudyTube, Learningville, Tiptrack and Conclusion.


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17 Tuesday - Zoom
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Focus Management

19 Thursday - Zoom
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