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More focus for your
team or organization?

We are interrupted more often, get less done, and experience more stress. That's why focus has become an essential skill. Being able to turn your focus on when it matters, and turn it off to recharge.

If you are able to manage your focus, it will have a positive effect on your productivity and (work) happiness. It increases your resilience against distractions and stress.

With our trainings, inspiration sessions, and books, we help your team or organization to achieve more focus.

Focus Managament training

During the one-day Focus Management training, participants discover how the brain deals with distraction. In addition to developing a personal action plan, the training offers an excellent opportunity to make agreements as a team. How do we ensure optimal focus together?

Location: Op locatie of online.
Duration: Day training, seven hours including breaks.
Language: Dutch or English.
Number of participants: Maximum 12.


  • One-day training for more focus.
  • Interaction: space for personal input and questions.
  • Includes the Focus Box with workbook, pen, and the book Focus ON/OFF.
  • Each participant develops a personal action plan.
  • Personal coaching after the training (optional).

Inspiration sessions

Large group, limited time? In one-hour sessions, we offer an inspiring introduction to the theme of focus.

Location: On-site or online.
Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A
Language: Dutch or English.
Number of participants: Unlimited.

Focus ON/OFF

The inspiration session Focus ON/OFF is a fun and accessible way to gain insight into the importance of focus. Mark Tigchelaar or one of our other experienced speakers discuss recent insights, research, and challenges in the field of attention and concentration.

New: Focus Quiz!

Using six categories, Oscar de Bos or one of our other experienced speakers presents the knowledge game of focus and distraction. How does the Netherlands compare to other countries? What impact has the arrival of the smartphone had? What can we learn from artists and athletes? Test your knowledge and be inspired: the answers will surprise you!

Tiny Habits

The inspiration session Tiny Habits™ is a fun, accessible way to discover B.J. Fogg's method of behavior change. We briefly explain the main principles of B.J. Fogg's Tiny Habits.

What You Need to Know About Stress

How do you keep your cool in a world of performance pressure, bustling and hard work? Speaker and psychologist Thijs Launspach about how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Follow-up Trainings

Short workshops for additional in-depth skills. How do you ensure that you can go home every day with an empty (email) inbox? How can you double your reading speed without losing comprehension?

Location: On-site or online.
Duration: Half-day training (3.5 hours).
Language: Dutch or English.
Number of participants: Maximum 12.

Inbox to Zero

In this training, you discover how to end each day with an empty inbox and how to ensure you don't overlook anything. By gaining control over all the inboxes you have (email, WhatsApp, chat, etc.), you prevent drowning in an excess of messages.

Speed Reading for Professionals

In this training, you learn how to use your brain better to absorb information more effectively and thereby save more time. You will work with different methods. Through a pre- and post-measurement, you see immediate results.

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