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In addition to the Focus Management training, we offer follow-up trainings: half-day trainings or workshops with additional in-depth skills for more focus. In the training Inbox to Zero you learn to get a grip on your inbox and keep an overview of your tasks and planning. The training Speed Reading for Professionals helps you to absorb information faster and more effectively.

Inbox to Zero

The effects of an overcrowded mailbox on our brain cannot be underestimated. It is one of the biggest sources of distraction and stress.

In this training, you will discover how to end each day with an empty inbox and how to make sure you no longer overlook things. By getting a grip on all the inboxes you have (mail, Whatsapp, chat, etc.), you will avoid drowning in an overload of messages.

You'll also learn to better understand the difference between stress and workload, allowing you to manage your workload more effectively.

Finally, you will learn how to organize your tasks, calendar and commitments so that you maintain a clear overview. As a result, you will experience more peace in your workday, allowing you to make better decisions and have more time for important tasks.

Duration: Half day training course (3,5 hours)
Language: Dutch or English.
Number of participants: Maximum 12.


  • Discover how you can have an empty inbox every day.
  • Create peace, overview and control.
  • Interaction: space for own input and questions.
  • Includes a handy decision model.

“Attended this training this morning. What a breath of fresh air! Trainer Nina is balanced in her explanations, interaction with participants and prompts immediate action during the training. Also good to hear tips from other participants and apply them in practice. Result: a cleared inbox, agenda and peace in my head. Thanks! 10/10”
— Ingrid (source: Springest)

Speed Reading for Professionals

An increasing proportion of the Dutch working population is experiencing stress due to the amount of information they have to process in order to perform their jobs properly.

Every day we spend a considerable amount of time absorbing, processing and reproducing knowledge. By investing in skills to absorb information faster and more effectively, you increase your productivity.

In this training you will learn how to better use your brain to absorb information more effectively and therefore gain more time. You will work with various methods and will see immediate results based on a pre- and post-measurement.

Your productivity will visibly increase, your learning performance will improve and your stress will decrease.

Duration: Half day training course (3,5 hours)
Language: Dutch or English.
Number of participants: Maximum 12.


  • Proven speed reading methods for increased text comprehension.
  • Pre- and post-measurement of reading speed.
  • Information on effective screen reading.
  • Interaction: room for your own input and questions.
  • Includes workbook, pen and the book Reading, knowing and not forgetting by Mark Tigchelaar.

“Absolutely recommended. Read more than 2.5 times faster and text comprehension also improved significantly. Trainer explains the exercises clearly. In short, very fun valuable training with immediate results! 10/10”
— Katja (source: Springest)

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