We are at FOCUS ACADEMY, the pioneers in Mental math training and supplemental education training for children. Our program concentrates on reading, mental math and test preparation tutoring. Our approach relies greatly on the integrated use of the Abacus Arithmetic method, resulting in improved memory recollection and better math skills. Focus Academy is dedicated to realizing students full potential for becoming achievers through overall brain development and guided stimulation. We provide and encourage our students to learn using Physical, Spatial, Sensory, Bodily, Natural, Interpersonal, Logical and Verbal/Linguistic stimuli. Various studies of cerebral physiology have proved that in order for the brain to develop fully, both the left and right hemispheres must be well developed. With the use of the Abacus, the body and both sides of the brain are fully integrated into the process and developed simultaneously to their maximum.

CORE PROGRAM: Our core program consists of the following components:

MENTAL MATH: The Natural Calculator "Abacus" is used by students to manipulate the beads and eventually do the math mentally, without the use of the abacus. They achieve a high level of speed and accuracy, concentration and increased memory power. The use of this Natural Process of the Mind for Mental Calculation contributes to increase speed accuracy, learning ability, concentration, perceptual capability, photgraphic memory, and improved academic performance in all subjects.

TEST/PREP/SHAT: At FOCUS, we teach our students test taking strategies, academic preparation and time management. Students recognize necessary concepts tested on the exam and efficient problem solving skills. They get 48 hours of instruction over a 16 week period which includes several full length practice test given under normal test-like conditions, so students are familiar with what to expect on the day of the test. It is a great way to prepare those students aspiring for any of the 8 specialized public schools in New York City and give them the skills that they need to excel.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: "The Art of Public Speaking" is taught by certified professionals who emphasize proper etiquette, protocol, and stage manners. Children are encouraged to develop enthusiam and confidence by overcoming anxiety and reluctance. Public speaking skills bring them opportunities in school and public events to earn them pride, recognition and importance.

Benefits of our CORE PROGRAM:

Unleashes brain potential and abilities such as:

  • Memory

  • Focus Concentration

  • Creativity

  • Imagination

  • Sharpness

  • Thinking Skills

  • Observation Skills

  • Visualization and Imagination

For Our Children's Ultimate Success
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