Information For Parents

#1 - Facility / Building

We are responsible for keeping the facility safe and clean, So please be considerate and supervise your children at all times. Make sure the place is cleaned up at the end of class. To avoid unwanted accidents, children are advised to walk (not run) both within and outside the building, especially when they walk in from the entrance door. . .

#2 Drop off and Pick up

We request parents to drop off the students no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Earlier arrivals result in unnecessary distractions for those still in the class. Please pick up your child promptly after class. We would like to have all parents come inside to pick up their children before the class ends. When you arrive, you may wait quietly in the waiting area, until your child is dismissed. Often classes may last a few minutes longer to allow additional time for students who need more help and for communication with parents. Please be patient. However, please do not assume class will always finish late. It is important that you pick up your child/children on time so that the next class is not delayed.

#3 Class Descriptions / Schedules

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#4 Absences and Make-Up (Illneses)

There will only be one class make-up permitted per month. Parents are required to notify Focus Academy during working hours at least 24 hours prior to the cancellation. Failure to do so will result in the class being counted as attended.

All the make-ups must be done during the same month and will not be carried over into the following months.

Any cancellation done at the last minute/same day cannot be compensated.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO MAKE-UPS for any missed class for the following programs:

- Mixed Media Art
- Public Speaking
- Summer Program

#5 Tuition / Terms / Supplies

Students must provide their own pencils and come prepared with their abacus, cards and applicable textbook(s)/pages. The Focus program is a continuous year-round program. Tuition is based on the number of classes taken in the term. Focus conducts its lessons in a group setting but individual progress varies. The student's progress also needs parental support by maintaining a consistent study schedule at home. As each student learns at his/her own pace, evaluations are made on an ongoing basis.

#6 Competitions / Fun Meets / Exams

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#7 Communication

Please communicate with your teacher if there are problems studying at home. You may call and leave a message at 718-897-3113 and your call will be returned during business hours.

#8 Observing in Class

Parents are welcomed to observe their children during the last ten minutes of each class. If parents bring siblings, please ensure that they do not disturb the class.

#9 Expected Behavior

At Focus we are committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment. We expect our students to show up prepared and attentive for class. Greeting their instructor and peers in a pleasant and polite way. Please note that any student expressing any of the following behaviors will be considered for immediate dismissal from the program such as theft, vandalism, violence and repeated disrespect towards the instructor and/or fellow students. Disruptive behavior cannot be tolerated in ny classroom; it is unfavorable to a learning environment and is unfair to other students. The instructor may involve using a time-out as a form of discipline if the child becomes disruptive. Parents will be promptly notified if this measure is required.

#10 Helping Your Child


#11 Holidays / No Classes

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#12 Inclement Weather Policy

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#13 Photography

From time to time Focus may photograph student enrolled in classes or participating in events. These photographs are for Focus Academy use only and may be included in future brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, flyers or our current website. We do not use students names with photos.

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