Mental Math Testimonials

Andy Newcomb, Father

Nadia has been going to Focus Academy for 9 months. She is 5 1/2 year old, she's a smart child and her mother had already taught her to read, but she did know any arithmetic when she started started Abacus Mental Arithmetic course.

She liked the teachers and enjoyed working in class from the begining. Nonetheless we were surprised when, after three months, she started working on problem sets at home. Our girl is generally stubborn, but she is willing to do challenging home work for the Focus Academy teachers.

Nadia is currently the top student in her kindergarten, her math skills, both on the abacus and in mental calculation, amaze us. We are certain that the Abacus Mental Arithmetic program has been beneficial, and Nadia still loves the classes.

Thank You Andy Newcomb (father)

Linesh Shah, Parent

I was quite skeptical when I put my kid, Shreyas Shah in Focus Academy. He was quite weak in numbers & he became very tensed when he had to deal with numbers. Also, I thought that he was quite young (4 yrs) to be going to a math school.

Well, i am quite happy that I have been proved wrong. Shreyas has coped very well, and a big part has been played by Focus Academy.

He has lost his fear of numbers, he enjoys going to focus academy & is much more confident with numbers. I applaud Focus Academy for the confidence it has placed in my kid.

Thank you Linesh Shah

Roshan, Grand Parent

Even since Laith has started this mental Arithmetic program I have seen a great improvement in him. He can do big calculation mentally so fast and his school grades has also improved.

Thank you Roshan (Laith's grand Mother)

Shawn Vialva, Father

Focus Academy is more than just mental math. Their Abacus program develops the childs listening, and observational skills.

Shawn Vialva (father)

"My research finding shows that abacus study not only improves the ability to calculate both on the abacus and mentally,but also provides a beneficial ripple effect on other disciplines" Ms.Shizuko Amaiwa. Professor.Shinshu University,Faculty of Education

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