FOCUS Public Speaking For Kids

Communication is the door and Confidence is the key

Children will learn to speak extemporaneously- gather thoughts together & learn how to express themselves.

Public Speaking Skills bring them opportunities in school and public events and earn them pride, recognition and importance. The ability to address a gathering with a nice speech and to do a presentation makes your child special. Public speaking skills elevate the confidence in kids and help them to be more successful in life.

Focus Academy offers the exclusive course: The Art of Public Speaking to impart the essential skills of public speaking in kids. The course guides the kids to plan & prepare a basic script and cheerfully address an audience. Besides teaching the appropriate etiquette, protocols and stage manners, the course also helps in reducing the anxiety and reluctance related to public speaking and motivates the kids to participate in speaking opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence.

The course is coordinated by experts with many years of experience in Public Speaking. Guest speakers will also be presenting sessions to share their knowledge and experience in public speaking. With demonstrations, practices and mock speeches in each session, the course is and essential educational program for all kids.

Course duration extending from LEVEL I through LEVEL II are both 12 sessions; 2 hours each.


  • Develop confidence to speak in public.

  • Learn how to prepare a short speech.

  • Learn how to present a speech from a script.

  • Learn how to present a short speech without a script.

  • Learn how to participate in debates.

  • Learn how to participate in group discussions.

  • Learn essential stage manners, etiquette and protocols.
Participants will endeavor to accomplish the following in 2 levels of a 24 week long session, Participate in a public speaking event hosted by the academy at the end of the course. All participants will present a speech during the event and parents are invited.

For Our Children's Ultimate Success
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