Mental Math - FAQ

#1. Why should I enroll my child into the Mental Math program?

Children, specifically in their early age, have to get enough training to utilize and activate their senses. Learning abacus has children engage those senses: their eyes to see, ears to listen and fingers to move abacus beads for calculation. This training cultivates their concentration skills, and their brain becomes more capable to calculate with no help of calculators. Although they are convenient and inexpensive, it is no exaggeration to say that the usage of calculators hinders recovery and improvement of a child's hidden abilities.

#2. What are your age requirements for starting the Abacus program?

Our Mental Math program is suitable for Pre-School children, ages 4- 6 and Priary children, ages 7-13.

#3. Where can we buy an abacus?

We have some available for purchase on site.

#4. What kind of calculations can we do with an abacus?

Besides addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions, we can calculate the "Square root,: "cube root" and even bank interest.

#5. Is the abacus still necessary even today with the spread of electronic devices such as calculators and computers?

Although the calculator and computer have replaced the human brain in computing numbers, learning abacus is a must for every child because it is instrumental in developing whole brain and lifetime skills. Using abacus requires co-ordination of the main nerves of the human body such as sight, sound, and finger movement which will induce growth of brain cells.

#6. Is it true that concentration skills are improved by learning abacus?

Yes, absolutely! Here is a good example to explain why: Working out a written - down problem on an abacus is one of the abacus calculations. Whe you work on addition and subtraction with ten 2 digit numbers, you have to move abacus beads approximately 30 times. If you make even one mistake, your answer is incorrect. When it comes to abacus certificate examinations, within a limited time you have to correct answers more than 70% in order to pass. Without good concentration skills, it is impossible! Along with abacus training and practice, students consequently are able to improve their concentration skills.

#7. I have an old abacus, but it's beads don't move slowly. What shall I do?

The beads don't move smoothly because of dust, so clean abacus beads with a brush and/or a dry cloth. An abacus is easily damage by moisture. You need to be careful in using it with dry, clean hands.

#8. My child is not very good at math, what kind of improvement can I expect?

Because the training method of the abacus differs from that of traditional mathematics, a lack of ability in traditional math does not predict any less success in the program. On the contrary, some of the most successful students have been those who previously experienced difficulty in this subject. Though if a student is dedicated to the program and receives strong parental support nd encouragement and persist through the initial training period, then dramatic improvement is guaranteed.

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