Mental Math
FOCUS Mental Math
Focus uses the Abacus where students use their hands to manipulate the beads and eventually are able to do the math mentally without the use of the abacus. This enables them to achieve a high speed of speed, accuracy, concentration and increased memory power. The use of the abacus as a learning tool contributes in large measures to increase speed and accuracy, learning ability, concentration, perceptual capability, photographic memory and improved academic performance in all subjects.
Test Preparation
FOCUS Test Prep
At Focus Academy, We will teach your child certain techniques and tricks that will ensure that they get the best grade. Starting from third grade your child will have to take the city-wide promotion exam. This is a long and tricky test that determines the promotion of your child to the next grade. Help overcome the unnecessary obstacles of fear and nervousness that affects performance by insuring your child's optimal confidence by familiarizing the student with these test early on.
Public Speaking
FOCUS Public Speaking For Kids
Ever had stage fright and completely forgot what you had come out to say? Well it happens to the best of us. Here at Focus we ensure that the training your child will receive will greatly help them with their nerves while on the stage. We will be teaching them how to properly address a crowd as well as delivering a convincing and memorable speech. Tone of voice and proper body language make all the difference. Confidence is key to communicating with a crowd. One who is confident and poise will excel to much greater lengths of performance.
Summer Program
FOCUS Summer Program
With school ending and summer beginning many kids forget the basic concepts that were learned in school throughout the year. By enrolling in our Summer Program our staff help maintain their skills and as well as giving them a jump start on the grade ahead!
Piano Lessons
FOCUS Piano Lessons
Playing the piano itself is an expression of emotion and artistic abilities. Research has shown piano lessons reduce anxiety depression and loneliness. But Most importantly, playing the piano is an excellent way to strengthen hand eye coordination and those children who take piano lesson learn about discipline and dedication. Music is suggested to hold the key to higher brain function.
Mixed Media Art
FOCUS Mixed Media Art Lessons
"Focus on Art" is taught by skilled professionals who emphasize the importance of intuitive thinking and creativity as a learning imperative. Different media like charcoals, Pencil sketching, markers, acrylic collages, etc are explored through demonstrations and class projects. There is a huge emphasis on individual attention and on tapping each student's potential. Critiquing art made by others is a regular feature of this class. The program helps to develop concentration, observation, hand eye coordination, intuitive thinking and art appreciation.
Chess Lessons
FOCUS Chess Lessons
Chess had been around for thousands of years and there is no questioning why. Chess is a very intense sport that requires a great deal of concentration and focus. Playing chess works many other functions of the brain besides memory and becomes beneficial on throughout life.
For Our Children's Ultimate Success
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